Fiverr Is A Joke

Like anyone, I like a good joke, but not when it’s at the expenses of others.  I like to laugh with people, not at them.  So when I was introduced to Fiverr I found myself cringing like when I saw Borat.

The idea of Fiverr seems fine at glance.  I pay someone five dollars and they are going to give me a logo, a promotional video or some digital marketing help along with… various other services… I found myself going from thinking that this site is a scam to this site is a joke!  Seriously! Look at this page!

Now, That might not be a problem for you.  That’s fine.  But there are still plenty more issues.


You Get What You Pay For

I had a client approach me asking to create a logo for them.  I started asking questions to get a better feel about what they were looking for and I was surprised by her response. “Well, I got this logo created on Fiverr and I’m trying to get the original file, but the person who did it isn’t responding back to me.  I’m opening a salon and need the file to print a sign.”  She then sent me an image of what was created and asked me to use the same font.

This was the first time I had heard of Fiverr and I wanted to know more.  What I found when I started looking into them was that five dollars gets you a JPG of a logo.  This would not work for the large sign that my client needed.

Upon further discussions with this client, I found that she was looking for branding.  Different variations of the final logo for most social media platforms, and a vector file to print out signs.

I thought to myself, “What type of people are creating for Fiverr and why do they charge so little?”  What I determined is that the majority of people are typically those trying to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.  The only explanation of why one would offer something for so little is that they could copy a paste a company’s name into templates they have already created or they built an automated program to do tasks.  This means your request has been marked remedial.

In the SEO realm these, automated systems can reek havoc on your company’s online profile.  For example, it is good to have backlinks to your website.  But requesting this service in Fiverr gets you thrown into an automated system generating disingenuous links and is considered Blackhat SEO.  This can cripple your business when people try and search for you on Google.  Here is a great inforgraphic explaining more.  Today, Google’s  Penguin and Panda updates have made it easier to recognize blackhat tactics so don’t use these!

Continuing my look at Fiverr, there are very few things a customer would want for five dollars.  As one person points out on a Fiverr Review on YouTube, “Gigs can be priced $5-$995…” The content that people are typically looking for is much more expensive than five dollars.  So, when all is said and done, you end up with a less than satisfactory product and payed only a fraction less then you would’ve if you would have hired a designer who cared.




There is little to no relationship when you make a request on Fiverr. Having a relationship with a client is integral creating their branding, marketing strategies and providing high quality customer service.  Getting to know people and understanding what they want builds trust and confidence.  Why would one ever elect to pass on building a meaningful relationship with the person creating your business identity?

Plus, branding is more than an image file. It’s a feeling or a story.  How does your logo make people feel when they see it?  Does it relaying the right message?  Correct branding is a process and take communication.  Fiverr allows for some of that… at an additional cost.


It’s All About The Ratings

So, let’s say you’re not going to listened to my advice and you’re still going to use Fiver.  How are you going to choose the person who will create your content?  Well, you’ll look at their review score.  You are going to choose the highest rated person you can find.  But there’s a problem with that.  Creators with a high rating still might have a high cancellation ratio.  This is very important and means that in order to maintain their high ratings they could have be issue refunds.

For example:  If a creator has a rating of 99%, but a cancellation ration of 35% their rating should really be 64%.  For more information check out this great article on Fiverr Reviews.


What Would You Do For Money?

Think back to high school.  Remember that one friend that would do anything for a dollar?  Chances are they’re on the other side of Fiverr. People doing crazy stuff to make a little bit of side money.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure there are great content creators on this site, but Fiverr groups these legitimate creators with people that will yell anything in public for five dollars.  This discredits those creators in my opinion.

Now if that’s not an issue, well there’s till the problem with payment.  Fiverr takes 20% from all sales and if you use PayPal there are fees associated with using their service, so really your five dollars has turned into $3.50.

It seems that the only people that stand to profit are those who created Fiverr.  The rest are left to make quick money for beers on the weekend.


Creators should not be putting them selves on this site as it make them look illegitimate and it is better for business owners to find someone passionate about creating their branding and helping with their marketing efforts in the long run.

If you are going to treat your company with the utmost respect, so should the company creating your branding and running your digital media efforts!


I’d love to discuss more about this with you. Tell me about your experience with Fiverr on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Fiverr Is A Joke

  1. Fiverr is indeed a complete joke. A bunch of non-responsive non-English speakers that don’t respond to gigs that they are hired for. And Fiverr won’t give you your money back when they don’t respond – you just get “credit” so that you can try to hire yet another loser. What a bunch of crooks.

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